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Photo deal gives 100 jobs

TradeNZ INFOTEC, 4th April 2002

Trade New Zealand believes at least 100 jobs will be created in New Zealand thanks to a deal between Auckland digital photography company Photopages Global (PGL) and American investors.

The group led by San Francisco investor Ed Bernstein has signed an agreement to launch PGL's 24-hour digital photo restoration service in the United States, Canada and later Europe.

Using digital technology developed in New Zealand, PGL offers an overnight service to restore damaged, torn, worn or faded photos.

Photos will be scanned at source and sent via the Internet to New Zealand for restoration.

The technology behind Photopages was developed by Ian Handricks of PGL, who says the company will enjoy phenomenal growth over the next three years as the global service is established.

PGL employs four people at its Auckland processing facility and Ian Handricks says a significant number of new staff will be needed over the next 12 months, with additional jobs created as a result of the introduction of Europe and the continuing development of the North American market.

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