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Talent Group 10

Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli, known collectively as Jonathan and Charlotte, were an English classical crossover duo from Essex. They finished as runners-up in the sixth series of Britain's Got Talent in 2012. At the time, they were aged 17 and 16 respectively. The young duo were offered a £1 million record deal by Simon Cowell on his record label Syco. They have since released two albums..

Jonathan & Charlotte
Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian sand animation performance artist who also works in the mediums of graphic design, illustration and cinema. She holds the title of Merited Artist of Ukraine and in 2009 rose to international prominence when after winning the Ukraine’s Got Talent television contest. Sand performance was suggested by Simonova's husband. Initially Simonova was unsure but decided to try it in the absence of other viable options to improve the family's financial situation. When tests with both beach and river sands proved unsuitable, Simonova's husband began researching better options on the internet and sold his printing equipment to buy three kilograms of expensive volcanic sand. Her husband, Igor, suggested that she should enter the competition Ukraine's Got Talent, where the prize was one million hryvna, the equivalent of $110,000. Kseniya decided to enter. She presented a two-minute sand story and was selected as a semi-finalist. She wanted to perform a sand story about World War II, but the producers encouraged her to choose a more popular theme. Kseniya refused, saying, "I just want to bring some immortal sense to this show. Not just pictures or video clips. Something close to all hearts." Kseniya was hoping to get some exposure as an artist, but it became much more. The audience was moved to tears. As soon as she finished her performance, applause erupted and she received a standing ovation. Kseniya was declared the winner of the competition and collected 100,000 euro.

Emmane Beasha

Emanne Beasha was born 18 September 2008 in Amman, Jordan and is an American/Jordanian singer of Circassian descent. She is the winner of the fifth season of the program Arabs Got Talent. She started to sing opera, (from the age of six) in Italian, Her parents discovered her talent as a two-year-old in Jordan. Beasha received the King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein Medal of Merit (Gold) from King Abdullah II during independence day celebrations in Raghadan Palace on 25 May 2017. Beasha auditioned for Season 14 of America's Got Talent in 2019. She sang "Nessun dorma." The performance was favorably received. Simon Cowell called it "absolutely fantastic." Beasha received four yesses from the judges to advance past the auditions to the Judge Cuts round. On August 6, 2019, Beasha appeared on the fourth episode of America’s Got Talent’s Judge Cuts with guest judge Jay Leno. Beasha performed the opera-style song “Caruso” by the Italian pop singer Lucio Dalla and received Leno’s Golden Buzzer which qualified her to move on to compete in the quarter-finals live shows.

Alisa Sadikova

Alisa Sadikova is a Russian harpist who began playing the instrument at 5 years old. She was immediately able to play without training by listening once to a piece. Sadikova, now trains at the St Petersburg’s State Conservatory in Russia. At the age of seven, she performed at Carnegie Hall. Alisa also performs with her sisters Svetlana on violin, and Anna on piano..

Ana Vidovic

Ana Vidovic, born in 1980, is a Croatian guitarist. She began playing classical guitar at age five, inspired by her brother Viktor. Her father was a guitarist, but he played the electric guitar. Ana started performing international concerts at the age of 7 years. At age 13 she became the youngest student of the prestigious National Musical Academy in Zagreb, where she studied with Professor Istvan Romer. Ana also studied at the University of Zagreb. Vidović's reputation in Europe, brought her an invitation to study with Manuel Barrueco at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. Since then she has lived in the United States, where she also worked as a private teacher. Ana Vidović has won numerous prizes at international competitions all over the world. Among these, the first prize in the International Competition "Albert Augustine" in Bath, in England, the competition Fernando Sor competition in Rome and the Francisco Tárrega in Benicassim, Spain.

Dave Hum

Dave Hum is an astounding Banjo player who began learning to play guitar and sing aged 8.He joined a skiffle jazz busking band called Street Level started gigging and playing for private and public events around South England. In 1994 he entered and won the BBC Radio 2 - National Busking Competition in Birmingham. His father in law had an old banjo and a beginner book so he taught himself how to play, in particular traditional celtic and bluegrass music. Started jamming with fellow guitarist and long time friend Simon Ham eventually forming The Huckleberries. After a second bout of pneumonia, he came down with septacemia and spent five weeks on a life support machine, He was then diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer. This illness left him disabled for a year and he had to relearn how to walk and play instruments again as his hands were badly affected with shortening of the tendons, numbness, a curled fist and the loss of the tip of his index finger on his right hand. Not so good for a banjo player! 

Gabriella Quevedo

Gabriella Quevedo was born in Sweden Jan 12, 1997. At the age of 12 she picked up her father’s Yamaha and taught herself to play specialising in the style of Sungha Jung. In 2010 she uploaded her first guitar video on Youtube. In early Jan 2011 she played a gig with Sungha Jung in Sweden. On August 26, 2012 she was booked as the support act for Sungha Jung in Blomberg/Germany. In Oct 2012 Gabriella was the winner of Young Talent in Uppsala International Guitar Festival, Sweden.

Diana Ankudinova

Diana Ankudinova, a Russian singer, was born on May 31, 2003 in Ussuriysk, Siberia. In an interview, Diana said that her biological mother beat and mocked her. According to her, the woman was already the 12th pregnancy. Diana was sent to an orphanage. Diana began to perform first at the city song contests, then at the All-Russian and finally at the international ones. She amazed the public and the jury with her strong voice and unusual timbre. She has won many talent competitions.

The Swamp Shakers

The Swamp Shakers is a great rockabilly trio from Latvia with a sound that is a cross between classic and revival rockabilly. Guitarist Mārcis Liepiņš - 'Magic Marc' - is really virtuoso despite his very young age. The other two are also excellent musicians: standing drummer and lead singer Kārlis Paukšte, and Anna Anderson on the double bass. Until 2015, The Swamp Shakers were the accompanists of the unfortunately prematurely deceased Pete Anderson, a well-known Latvian Rock'n'Roll singer. 

Vaya Con Dios

Vaya Con Dios (Spanish for "Go with God!") was a Belgian music act, that stood out for its mixing of styles, as well as the distinctive voice of its lead singer Dani Klein. It was one of the most successful Belgian music acts ever, having sold more than 10 million albums and more than 3 million singles. It was founded in 1986, but after 1991 Vaya Con Dios was for the most part a one woman band, centered on singer, lyricist, band leader and producer Dani Klein, reinforced by an ever-changing selection of musicians. 

Anke Chen

Anke Chen is a five-year-old Chinese piano prodigy who comes from Tianjin. The piano virtuoso began learning how to play when she was just three and had previously gained fame in China from online videos of her performances. Chen was previously featured on the Hunan TV programme Amazing Kids and her father revealed in previous interviews that she practices four hours a day. Once dubbed the “modern Mozart” by local media in China, Chen’s repertoire includes works from the composers Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Analogues

The Analogues are a Dutch tribute act to the famous British rock and pop music band The Beatles. Founded in 2014, the Analogues' ambition has been to perform The Beatles' music from their later studio years live, using analogue and period-correct instrumentation. From the start the Analogues have distinguished themselves by performing songs and whole albums live, which The Beatles themselves never played live; supported by brass and strings. Appearance-wise the band makes no effort to look like The Beatles, but they are called masters at recreating and reproducing the original sound. In June 2017 Dutch national TV-broadcaster NTR aired a one-hour documentary about the painstaking process of analysing The Beatles' complex compositions and experimental use of studio equipment, as well as acquisition of the proper analogue instruments, in preparation of live rendition of the Sgt. Pepper's album. Before an album can be played, the multi-layered arrangements are fully written out by the band.

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"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato


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