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Your family heritage researched and published

I provide fundamental help in helping new businesses get started and existing businesses to become productive. I have a range of tools, ideas, support materials and experience-based solutions that can have an effective impact on your enterprise. 

This includes providing websites (design and implementation), origination of brochures, marketing materials and business card design, coaching and sales training, tools to support effective prospecting and a range of other essential business development techniques.

I draw on more than 45 years' business experience including establishing enterprises here and in the international arena. I have served as a Director and have been active in technology development for most of my working career.


Having a credible, professional and engaging online presence requires work and patience. You know there are millions of websites out there, so how can you stand apart from your competitors?

Business Tools

Often the most effective way to give your business a chance to flourish is to interrogate the building blocks of that business and implement novel and proven processes - I can support these initiatives with dialogue, experience and documentation


I offer grass-roots help in giving your business a boost. An affordable consultancy for new and established businesses.


Over the years I have delivered exciting and effective artwork and origination for brochures, websites, business collateral, point-of-sale and most other written and design material.


Looking for a speaker for you club, organisation of interest group? I have given many talks to groups throughout New Zealand over the last 30 years. I make them fun and informative. I can also show you how speaking can be an effective marketing initiative.

Marketing & Exhibitions

Providing an exciting marketing plan supported with inspiring ideas can position you well in a busy market. I specialise in thinking laterally on approaches to marketing

“Always look at the solution, not the problem. Learn to focus on what will give results.” Anonymous


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