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Great reasons to have your family history published
The gift of knowledge

Our heritage, the things we live by and teach our children is preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange our ideas and feelings. Everyone has special reasons for the efforts they make to learn more about their family history:


  • You can learn about an ancestor. For some, family was never discussed while growing up. Others are trying to make connections because they never knew a parent or grandparent.

  • You will be able to share your history with your children. Many have made a commitment to find, preserve and share family history with future generations because they feel a moral obligation to do so.

  • You may love discovery; it’s a fun thing to do. You may have begun researching because you love the hunt, and you are curious about what you may dig up.

  • You can understand more about yourself. Do you suspect that some of the qualities that make you who are can be attributed to an ancestor? Do you wonder which decisions they made concerning education, where to live, or employment had the most effect on your life? Do family members say that you remind them of an ancestor?

  • You will learn about the places where your ancestors lived. It is wonderful to be able to pass on the traditions that your ancestors brought from their native land.

  • You can know about the challenges your ancestors faced. Did you grow up hearing family stories about the war or the depression that make you want to know more about how your ancestor was impacted? Delving into the past helps you understand more about how they handled struggles.

  • You may be looking for living relatives. Some researchers are looking to connect with living descendants to discover what they can share about ancestors. They invite the newly discovered to family reunions and share stories and photographs with each other.

  • There are some great benefits to tracing your family tree and having a family book published. You might find that, even if you just have a small curiosity now, the more you look into it the more curious and interested you’ll get in your family’s history. 

  • You may also find information on causes of death and illnesses, some of which may be passed genetically on to you.

  • A family history book can be a unique gift - a special and emotional gift which cannot be bought in a shop or on-line - a gift that reflects your thoughtfulness, relationship and stewardship of the family foundations.


Family stories and photographs are captured moments in time. They are your heritage and a window on your life. Having a book written about your family is a unique way of preserving these memories for all generations.

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