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Step by step process towards your book including services and prices
Working together

This is the step by step process I use to get your family history researched and published:

  • Have a desire to have your family history researched and published

  • Initial discussion with me at which time I will ask for:

    • Your full maiden name, date and place of birth

    • Your parent’s full maiden names, dates and places of birth

    • Your grandparent’s full maiden names, dates and places of birth

    • Your great grandparent’s full maiden names, dates and places of birth

    • Your children’s full maiden names, dates and places of birth

  • Any research you already have (in any format)

  • Agree to proceed and pay the deposit

  • I will then begin thorough research of the family history

  • You will be asked to start collecting together the photos, documents and memorabilia that you would like to appear in the book

  • I will provide you with a template to start recording family biographies

  • You will circulate the template among family members and collect completed biographies as the become available

  • I will contact you at various times to get clarity or seek specific information

  • I will create the skeleton content for the book(s)

  • I will consult with you on the photos and documents that need to be in the book(s)

  • I will scan, restore and make ready all photos and documents

  • You will provide me with biographies and specific information for some stories

  • I will compile the book(s) by inserting stories and photos

  • A proof of the finished book(s) will be given to you for proof reading

  • I will make any corrections and compile book to a print-ready format

  • You will decide upon cover colour and engraving colour

  • You will decide upon how many copies you will require

  • You will pay the balance and pay for the printing and binding

  • The book(s) will be printed and bound

  • You will take ownership

The Deposit

A non-refundable NZ$2,500 deposit (payable at commencement)  - n.b. In the rare cases where a family history cannot be created due to lack of data and/or research material available, then NZ$2,000 will be refunded with NZ$500 being retained to cover costs of the research.

Services & Prices

The Price

The total cost of researching and writing the book is NZ$5,000 for the professional services PLUS printing and binding costs

The Balance

The balance of NZ$2,500 to be paid on completion of the book and immediately prior to printing and binding. The payment of the printing and binding costs – typically NZ$250 per book (for a book of approx. 400 pages). This payment must also be made immediately prior to printing and binding being commissioned.

All prices GST exclusive

Apart from the full book research, authoring and publishing service (investment shown below), I do provide a number of genealogy services ranging in cost from complimentary to reasonable - these include: assistance in finding a person for your research, compact charts, small booklets, single person profiles etc. 

Full Book
Genealogy Services

Research Assistance

Personal assistance in researching particular family connections, unblocking difficult to trace ancestors etc.

NZ$40 per hour 

NZ$20 deposit with order

Family Ancestral Chart

Direct ancestor charts showing an individual's parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc.This includes the research required to create the chart. The chart will be supplied in digital form.


NZ$50 deposit with order

Short Form Book

Similar to a full book, but presented in condensed digital format - with full family details and some dialogue and fewer images than the full book


NZ$250 deposit with order


I can also create a low-cost and fully customisable website for your book and/or family research. It could contain the full contents of the book in an on-line readable format or a downloadable file (useful when deciding to share this work with your family). Any part or all of the website can be password protected. A website can be useful to present your own family research, photos, documents etc. 

Memorial Profile

A slideshow presentation of the life of an individual for use at important events such - this can include a chronological gallery of photos interspersed with memories, verse and music


NZ$75 deposit with order

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