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My Personal Recommendations

Below are some of the wonderful people who have helped me achieve, provided me wisdom, graced me with humour and provided impetus to my endeavours. It with complete confidence that I recommend them to you - they are all wonderful people who can make a difference in your life and business. 


Managing Director

Integrity Solutions Centre

Ph + 64 21 806060

Integrity Solutions is a performance improvement organisation that focuses on developing sales and service teams that achieve measurable business results through sales coursessales management trainingbehaviour styles assessments, etc. We partner with our clients to win more customers, keep more customers, and grow profitable revenue with a unique focus on sales performance, coaching, leadership, and customer service. Together we increase leadership’s ability to align and engage their teams while igniting a passion for sales and service professionals with a specific focus on their attitudes, values, motivations, and beliefs.


In business, as in life, you’re only as good as the people around you. I count myself lucky that my path happened across Megan Brice. Occasionally in life, you meet a remarkable person. Sometimes you are lucky enough to spend some time with them, but you really know that you are fortunate when a remarkable person takes a genuine interest in who you are and where you want to go. Megan is that remarkable person!

Six years ago, I was introduced to Megan through a mutual client and I was immediately inspired by her positivity, motivation and experience. She has a grace and enthusiasm for conducting and building a business based on sound and ethical foundations. This is complimented by her deep knowledge of business practices, industrial psychology, training and coaching technique and her special gifts as a speaker, mentor and coach


Recently I was privileged to hear her present a two-hour program to a group in Takapuna where she showed them how they could leave a legacy by being an outstanding coach to their children and grandchildren. The audience were inspired, motivated, energised and lifted by Megan’s presentation – a life-changing event for many who were there!

I was sincerely impressed with Megan’s ability to deliver the program with measured confidence, to engage the audience, to answer questions and to provide meaningful solutions all the while showing respect for all who were there. The positive impact, feedback and subsequent conversations by attendees has been unprecedented in the group’s 20-year history.

I have been in business both in New Zealand and in the International theatre for more than 45 years and I have experienced many speakers, trainers, coaches and mentors in my day – in my opinion, Megan outshines anyone I have seen or heard anywhere or at any time.

I am positive that Megan will change your life and business by bringing a fresh approach to leadership, style, sales performance and management and I have no hesitation in recommending her. Any business that involves Megan and channels her abilities, will succeed.

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.