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Researching your heritage is an exciting journey
A Distant Mirror

Have you ever wondered from whom you inherited your good looks … or how you got your name … or whether your distant relatives were famous inventors … or if you had any rich uncles … all this may be discovered in your family tree.


When building a picture of your heritage I use a large number of sources. These can include:


Your personal memories

Research that you may have already undertaken

Recollections of your family

Family documents, certificates and memorabilia

Specialist databases

My own database of many millions of names

On-line data centres

Census records

History websites

Military records

and much more


I have researched many thousands of families and now have databases and techniques which allow me to create substantial records of family history. I feel it is important, not only to record vital details such as dates, places and relationships, but to include the stories and detail about the lives, environment and history that make up the character of these people.


Most research I undertake will take your heritage back to the foundation of civilization. Wherever possible I will research all sides of a family for any given individual 


Research tends to be a three step process:


I thoroughly research deep into the history of the family using a significant number of tools, databases and websites that offer comprehensive data 

All data is then entered into a specialist off-line genealogy database where relationships and stories can be recorded. No data is made available on-line

I collate all known data and recollection of the family history from the client and their sources

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