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Your family heritage researched and published

There are many great reasons to have your family history discovered and published. You can have special reasons for the efforts you make to learn more about your family history. You can understand more about yourself and the foundation of the qualities that make you who are and you will be able to share your history with your children …


Fundamental to understanding more about your heritage is the comprehensive research that is undertaken to uncover the past. Specialist skills are used that will reveal the lives of your ancestors, the places they lived, the occupations they carried out, their personalities, their contributions to society and family - a rich tapestry that can lead to a better understanding of your life …


I specialise in researching, writing and publishing unique family history books. I take care to ensure that the books are colourful, tell an interesting story, are fun to read and become a treasured heirloom of your heritage. The books can often be 400-1000 pages long and are printed in colour on quality paper, hard bound and are titled in gold leaf …

I strive to thoroughly research and uncover stubborn and difficult  names, sourced through a large array of search engines. In most cases the research will reach back  to the beginning of civilization and will provide a rich collection of stories and relevant history.

Above all else, I started this service with the maxim to deliver research and a published book of the highest quality using the best printing and binding options and a product that can stand proudly as an heirloom the family can enjoy with  honour

These books are unique and crafted individually for each family


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