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Photo company has world in frame

NZ Herald, 18th April 2000

By Libby Middlebrook

A small Auckland business is likely to franchise its photo manipulation system around the globe thanks to a partnership deal with one of the world’s largest technology companies.

Kodak International has agreed to promote Beyond Imagination Global and the sale of its regional franchise licences via its own business network.

Beyond Imagination Global designs digital photo manipulation equipment called Photopages, which can restore and add colour to anything from black-and-white photographs to slides and negatives.

Beyond Imagination chief executive Ian Handricks said the company, which has 35 Photopages systems operating in New Zealand, had recently developed a franchise system that was up and running in Britain with four outlets.

SNAP SUCCESS: Beyond Imagination chief executive Ian Handricks hopes to franchise the company’s photo manipulation system world-wide.

“We want to expand into other areas like Asia, but to do that would be pretty difficult without access to a company like Kodak and their existing business network," he said.

Kodak, which has been supplying Beyond Imagination with components for Photopages for about 10 years, will introduce the company to its clients.

In exchange, Beyond Imagination has entered a co-branding and preferred-supplier arrangement with Kodak.

Doug Dickson, Kodak New Zealand’s professional division manager, said his company was keen to increase its imaging business, "and this company has technology that’s different to what anyone else is doing in the marketplace, from a speed and simplicity point of view."

"At the end of the day, we’re looking to expand our business through this venture, too," said Mr Dickson.

Mr Handricks said Beyond Imagination’s $1.8 million annual turnover was likely to increase at least 100 per cent during the next 12 months.

Beyond Imagination had already sold the rights to its Australian and New Zealand franchise licence with the help of Kodak. "Kodak became interested in us because they could see it fitting in with their corporate and global strategy,” he said.

"They’re very keen to be seen as developing technology.”

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