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Cosmetic Dentistry with Adobe Photoshop

NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 6th September 2006

After implementing digital photography into your daily dental practice, one of the natural progressions is the cosmetic simulation - combining the versatility of the digital medium, with the power of Adobe Photoshop CS2 and, of course, your own sound clinical judgement - to create a simulated "after" photo from a "before" photo. Mr Handricks is possibly one of the world's most qualified individuals to teach you how to do this. His company, Photo Wonder, uses the Photoshop software to work on millions of photos per week, utilising many techniques which he devised. Using simple, easy to learn and use techniques, participants will learn how to simulate cosmetic dental procedures such as the restoration of missing teeth with implants or bridges, tooth whitening, restoring broken or worn teeth, gingival re-contouring, etc.

"Ian Handricks was a great teacher, extremely knowledgeable and positive. He was very helpful and approachable”

Here are what some previous participants have said about this course:-

"For me, hands on has always been the best way to learn, and Ian not only made it easy, but interesting, informative and fun. The day went too quick! Photoshop is a big daunting programme but with Ian's expert knwoledge it became a breeze to reshape, re-colour and repair teeth. I look forwards to using this knowledge to improve the quality of my surgery photos and personal photos, and to restore damaged old photos." - Dr H.Stephen

"Ian Handricks was a great teacher, extremely knowledgeable and positive. He was very helpful and approachable. His techniques were very useful and far more simple and quick than any photoshop dental course I have attended before. Also, all the added extras were great, like the 3 photos he restored for me and his tips on genealogy. What an interesting man!" - Dr A.McKeefry

"Simulating potential results for cosmetic cases has never been so easy and the ability to fix my holiday pics was a huge bonus! This course was worth every penny!" - Dr B.Yang

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