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Bifocal project now subject to case study

NZ Optics Magazine, 1996

The Horizon Bifocal project has raised a lot of interested within government circles and has been chosen as one of two case studies to be presented to the Minister of Health and his department.

Partial funding of the project has come from a $109,000 grant from the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology with Hirstlens contributing an equal amount

The Horizon bifocal is a one-piece translating/alternating non-aspheric lens which does not employ diffractive optics. The design concept allows for a spherical powered bifocal lens to be made in all materials, soft or hard, and has been designed to be available in any reasonable distance power and any add power.

Proprietary tooling and software design is now in place giving an opportunity to manufacture early trials.

"Initial production results have shown that mathematical predictions of shape and form are possible and indeed surpass the best expectations. Limited clinical trials have begun and results are expected to show a pattern before the end of the year," said Mr John Shennan, Director of Hirstlens.

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