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United States Patent No. 4,619,082

28th October 1986

United States Patent

Ian L. Handricks

Patent Number: 4,619,082

Date of Patent: Oct. 28, 1986


INVENTOR: Ian L. Handricks, Chalgrove, England

Assignee: Contact Lens Supplies Limited, England

Appl. No.: 663,780

Filed: Oct. 23, 1984

Foreign Application Priority Data

Oct. 24, 1983 [GB] United Kingdom 8328365

Int. CU B24B 1/00

U.S. CI. Sl/284 R; 51/216 LP

Field of Search 51/284 R, 284 E, 326, 51/216 LP, 217 L, 229, 237 R, 277; 264/1.1, 2.7;

82/1 C, ll

References Cited


1,911,153 5/1933 Hill 51/284

3.030,859 4/1962 Elliot, Jr. 51/284

3.064.531 11/1962 Bullock 51/284

3,100,955 8/1963 Kratt 51/237 R

3,662,040 5/1972 Urbach et al 51/284

Primary Examiner Frederick R. Schmidt

Assistant Examiner Robert A. Rose

Attorney, Agent, or Firm Welsh & Katz, Ltd.


A contact lens is manufactured by a method involving machining a first face and a reference surface on a blank; mounting the blank in a work holder adapted for accurate mounting on a lathe such that the blank is held with its first face accurately positioned relative to a datum point on the lathe; and machining a second face on the blank. Such method avoids the need for skilled operatives and enables easy manufacture of accurately dimensioned contact lenses.

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