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Sharevision - New Communication Technology

NZ Optics Magazine, 1st June 1996

A unique method of visual and audio communication has been released in New Zealand. Sharevision is an addition to any computer which allows live video communication with simultaneous voice, data and application sharing using regular telephone lines. It has the potential to be used in conjunction with refraction room equipment to transmit, live, images of patient's eyes to colleagues or to the laboratory.

“Ian Handricks (left) demonstrating Sharevision at the launch for Auckland optometry.”

Launched by Hirstlens, Sharevision consists of a high speed fax/modem, video capture card with real-time video compression, an audio capture and compression card, software, necessary cables and a video camera. It is complete with hardware and software solutions that allows communication using voice, video, shared applications and whiteboards anywhere in the world over one regular telephone line. Any image that can be stored on video tape, captured live on a video camera or output directly from a VHS can be transmitted live down the Sharevision communications link.

Sharevision transforms the PC into a desktop video conferencing system with its unique suite of two way communication. Files and documents can be edited simultaneously by people on both ends of the line even though one party may not even have that particular application.

Sharevision marks a new era in communication and is suitable for many applications. Two optometry practices are already utilising the system for communicating with each other as well as with the Hirstiens Laboratory.

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