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Let Photopages give you your memories back

North Shore Times Advertiser, 17th June 2003

It could be bound up in an old wallet photo, grandmother’s torn wedding picture, rows of faded school friends or images of dearly departed loved ones. Possibly it’s you, as you used to be.

Whatever the image, time, sun, decay, or damage has undone that crucial likeness, robbing you of a vital part of your past.

But the great news is that here on the North Shore is one of the world’s leading computerised photographic restoration and manipulation companies.

That’s right, Photopages are so good at what they do that they help people all around the globe; folk in many countries who send them digital images of special pictures needing repair, restoration or manipulation.

“PICTURE PERFECT: Part of the young team at Photopages you’ll be amazed at what they can do with your prints.”

Photopages have yet to find the image they can’t fix, bringing amazingly accurate colour seemingly out of nowhere, even replacing missing sections of a photograph!

In this respect Photopages is one of the most successful high-tech New Zealand companies, commanding international respect for its advanced software, sophisticated marketing and meticulous 24-hour a day service.

Yet it all happens behind the scenes, and though Photopages has been lauded by the Prime Minister and many others for its expertise, this company just quietly sticks to the knitting.

All most Shore people are concerned with is the fact that this Wairau Road-based company produces the goods, on time, every time and at reasonable cost.

Try Photopages out with one of your valuable images from years gone by and you will be amazed at the result.

Or get them to arrange photographs in an attractive montage. Photopages can do almost do magic with their ability to manipulate images, as their Website will show you.

For example, people can be added to or subtracted from group photographs, bridal parties can be whisked from one setting (say inside a motel or hall) to a more photogenic park or mountain scene - the tricks of the trade seem endless. (It’s not surprising that many an enterprising business person is now looking at becoming franchisees for this fast growing company).

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