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Contact Lens company diversifies

NZ Optics Magazine, 1996

Hirstlens has formed a new division of the company which will operate in the computer technology field. Beyond Imagination is the brainchild of Ian Handricks who said the aim of the new project was the marriage of technology with real time applications.

The former boardroom of New Zealand Optical has taken on a new look. Over 10,000 sq feet has been transformed into a wonderland of computer and high technology displays. Mr Graham Fletcher has been appointed Operations Manager. he has 15 years experience in the computer industry involved in programming and networking.

“The former NZ Optical Boardroom has a new function … computers, printers, scanners, software etc …”

"This new facility offers time and space to prospective purchasers of computer hardware and software to familiarise themselves with technology," said Mr Fletcher

Beyond Imagination offers everything from digital music to notebook computers, games and sophisticated business management packaged software and imagery technology to network solutions.

Beyond is open to groups, schools, clubs, small business and professional groups and is being used as a meeting facility and for private computer training.

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