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Breakthrough on Contact Lenses

Orlando Sentinal - 25th April 1993

A small New Zealand firm says it has produced an improved bifocal contact lens that would fit most human eyes, an achievement that has eluded large companies dominating the contact lens market. Of the makers of thousands of different types of contact lens products and brands, only five companies produce bifocal lenses, and only a tiny percentage of people's eyes can adapt to them, said Ian Handricks, a partner of Hirstlens, the company that produces the lenses. ''The bifocal we are producing is available in any power, in any additional power, in any reading script, in any material,'' he said. Most people using contact lenses have to surrender them in middle age when they begin to need reading glasses. The bifocal lenses are undergoing clinical trials at the moment. Hirstlens has been manufacturing contact lenses for more than 50 years.

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